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Bjerke Brothers, Inc. has designed and supplied more than 1,500 grain, seed, pulse and edible dry bean processing systems for customers across the USA.

Fully integrated systems, some involving up to 25 different machines, have been put in place for some 100 grain elevators/terminals, with capacities up to 280 metric tons/hour.

Our customer list includes a wide variety of companies across the grain, seed, food and feed industries. The following are some of the companies for whom we have been privileged to provide systems:

  • ADM

  • Agricore

  • AM Bean Co.

  • Bunge

  • Cargill Grain

  • Cenex Harvest States

  • Columbia Grain

  • ConAgra

  • Coop Elevator Companies

  • Crookston Bean Co.

  • Dahlgren and Company

  • Dick Seed Farm

  • Engstrom Bean and Seed

  • Fessenden Coop

  • Froedtert Malt

  • General Mills

  • Great Northern Ag

  • James Richardson

  • Kelley Bros. Bean Co.

  • Klindworth Seed and Bean Co.

  • Larson Grain

  • O’Toole Seed Farm

  • Peavey Company

  • Pioneer Grain

  • Pro Seed

  • SK Food Intl.

  • South Dakota Wheat Growers

  • SRS Comm

  • Star of the West

  • Stony Ridge Foods

  • Sun Opta

  • Thompsons Farmers Finest

  • Trinidad Benham

  • Viterra

  • Walhalla Bean Co.

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