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Bjerke Brothers, Inc. will organize and arrange the installation of your grain cleaning equipment into your facility. Bjerke Brothers, Inc. provides complete design, supply and installation services for material handling systems, dust control systems and grain cleaning systems. Bjerke Brothers, Inc.’s scope ranges from general contracting, where we have provided turnkey grain and seed cleaning construction, to installation of specific equipment and systems, including cleaners, legs, conveyors, load-outs, dust control systems and bins. Bjerke Brothers, Inc. also has extensive experience in providing turnkey mechanical retrofits for the grain and seed industry.


With extensive and proven CAD-based design capability and experienced project management personnel and systems, Bjerke Brothers, Inc. is a leading contractor in the grain industry. Bjerke Brothers, Inc. also has extensive experience with malt processing and grain, seed and bean cleaning facilities in the United States.



Experienced Bjerke Brothers, Inc. personnel will start up all equipment and ensure that the system is operating to meet design requirements. Beginning with mechanical startup and continuing to running product through the machines, our personnel are knowledgeable about the equipment and about grain processing. Machine settings are established, and each separation process is fine-tuned to meet the system requirements.


System flow diagrams, machine drawings, operating manuals and specific instructions are reviewed with the operators by our commissioning personnel, and are left for the operators’ use.

Bjerke Brothers, Inc. personnel are available for follow-up after commissioning, to ensure that the system continues to perform to specifications.



Your operating personnel will be closely involved in the commissioning process. Knowledgeable Bjerke Brothers, Inc. personnel will explain the operation and settings of each machine, and will continue operator training until all are confident that the operators are comfortable with the machines.

Complete operating and maintenance manuals are developed for each machine, and these are reviewed in detail with customer operating personnel.

Ongoing support is available from our offices and our field personnel.



To expand on the initial operator training and to provide training to new personnel, we can provide formal training seminars, customized to the requirements of the customer’s facilities and operation.

These seminars can range from one to three days, and are conducted by personnel knowledgeable in grain processing, elevator operations, equipment operations and settings, and machine maintenance.

Contact us for additional information on training seminars.

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