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We specialize in grain processing systems engineering design.

Our design experience covers the full range of grain processing facilities:

  • Export grain terminals

  • Inland grain terminals

  • Seed cleaning plants

  • Pulse and oilseed processing plants

  • Malt plants

  • Milling and food processing

  • Feed mills

  • Portable units

  • Edible dry bean processing plants


Our application experience includes all types of grains and seeds:
  • Wheat

  • Barley

  • Oats

  • Corn

  • Oilseeds

  • Pulses

  • Special grasses

  • Rice

  • Flax

  • Edible beans

  • Quinoa


Bjerke Brothers, Inc.‘s system design concept is to create value-added processing. Contrasted with traditional grain cleaning approaches that create short positions for grain handlers, our systems create long inventory positions for the operator in specific applications.


Higher margins for the grain operator result from the advantages of a Crippen Northland Superior system:

  • Blending to ensure on-target compliance with clean grain quality specifications

  • Reduced shrinkage

  • Higher average cleaning rates

  • Meeting closer specifications to create products for niche markets

  • Resifting to create higher-value screenings

  • Unique reclaim systems to reprocess dockage into wheat bushels


Whatever your requirements, please contact us to discuss a solution


Bjerke Brothers, Inc. has the capability, in our Winnipeg office, to test grain and seed samples as a part of our system and equipment design process. We can accurately determine percentages of foreign material, dockages, sample weights, size gradations and subjective evaluations – and use this information to select and design a cleaning solution for you.


Contact us for more information. Samples should be clearly labeled and marked as “samples for testing purposes only” if customs clearance is involved.


Note that samples should be sent to:

Bjerke Brothers, Inc.
P.O. Box 152
1311 162nd Ave. NE
Buxton, ND 58218

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